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I get to wear a funny looking hat tomorrow [22 Mar 2007|12:07pm]
I now it's been forever since my last blog but it's for good reason.
I been working hardcore on my projects for my final review, witch
was last week. I was so nervous, it's like all my instructors I ever
had in one room and their picking apart my work for an hour while I wait in the
hallway. I'm about to shit myself because for some reason it's going
on 1 hr and 30 mins. Finally i get called in, i walk in, sit down and place my
bag over my lap. Now my bag has a magnetic metal snap that i kept opening
and closing and my legs are shaking and bouncing by this point. I didn't even
notice my self doing it, but my intructor does because it broke their
concentration while they were talking to me.

Finally they apologized for not telling me i passed when i first walked in and
that I'm up for best senior portfolio. I swear once they told
me i passed i wanted to burst into tears. (I didn't) But it really has felt like this
huge struggle i had to finish college before i came to this school. I'm really got
lucky i discover my passion for design, because ever since i was younger i was told
i'm so bad at art.Anyway, I graduate Friday!!!! Then I'm going on vacation. No
clue where but most definitely out of this city and cross my fingers the countries.
I can so go for a month at Ibiza in Spain.
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Lame Sunday [08 Oct 2006|01:28pm]
Well i'm up, on this fine sunday afternoon.
Really wanted to hit up a book store but my
car won't fucking start. I might just need a
jump but no one is around to give me one.
Oh well i think i'm just going back to bed and
wake up again to catch weeds on showtime.

By the way any one catch showtime's new
show Dexter.
If not, check it out it's really good. I think it's on tonight also
after weeds
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I'm an asshole but I dont mind [06 Oct 2006|09:15am]
So if any one wondered where I been, I just needed to buckle
down this summer with money and minimize distraction during
my summer semester at school. I deceived to take 6 classes
during the summer, one piece of advice, don't take adderall
while signing up for classes. Anyway i got through it and
extremely context for it. I got 2 semesters left, the current
one that just started this week, and the winter semester
that ends in March. Then I'll be a full pledge College graduate.

If you told me 6 or 7 years ago that would have a college
degree i probably wouldn't even acknowledge you talking
because i would be fucked up on some random drug.
Web and Graphic design is my drug. I know that last
statement was lame but it's the truth and it completely
centers me.

I did have a girlfriend this summer but had to pull out of
that situation. She was extremely needy with way to much
free time, meanwhile i had a different project due every day
and her at my heels every minute trying to convince me to
half ass my work. Then one day she snapped, on the same
day my senior project presentation was due. The things she
said had me question myself and my ability and if all my hard
work was for nothing. But don't fear that feeling only lasted
one whole minute and by the end of the next minute i dumped
her ass. One week later I receive my grades. All A's except
for psychology which i got a C-. I was expecting an F and
prying for a D. Now for the best part I received a best of
quarter for my senior project! Before i found out i got best
of quarter i was thinking about maybe I was being a complete
asshole and that I was way into my work. Then i got word i
won best of quarter for Senior Project, fuck it I'll be that asshole.
"assholes rule the world" ~lucky Louie(HBO).

Every year round this time I am depress.
Only because some years back I almost did some thing extremely
stupid. Since then the month of Oct been rough on me. Never understood
why I would be depress. Till finally this year. I would get depress
because i felt worthless. I don't feel like that anymore. Finally I have
confidants and a solid understanding what's my worth.

That's all i had bottled up for god knows how long.

As a birthday present my little sister got me Paul van Dyk tickets
for tonight. I literally think it's been two years since i last saw him DJ.

Well, over and Out!

Have a great weekend everyone! smile
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fucking finals [16 Mar 2006|10:40am]
Fucking shit!
Day 3 of no sleep.
Four days till all final projects are due.

I'm on page 13 of a 20-page paper
on a senior project proposal.
I still got 3more papers to write
for my history of photography class.
I'm not to worry about them. Their only one
page each and can bang those out the
morning it's due if it come to it.

I also must make a flash project for my
flash 3 class. That's close to being done.
I made an audio sampler mixer that contains
10 channels that hold one audio sample each
that loops. Each channel is setup with volume
pan, and eqs controls all design and scripted
in flash.

Finally in my advance authorware class I got
to make an authorware piece. This project I’ll
be illustrating a mini cartoon or photo montage
to play with Adam Freeland track: We want your
soul. The message I’m hoping to express in this
project is how American is programmed
by government and corporate companies.
And their ultimate prosecute to dummying down
America, to gain complete control.

Ah shit! I’m making no sense now.
Yeah should try to take a nap today
After class
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[23 Feb 2006|08:59am]
Saw this on Cee Cee journal and thought it was neat.
It some type of mapping personality awareness thing.
So hit the link and input your thoughts of me.

IbMarco's Johari
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Finally cracked. [07 Feb 2006|06:24am]
[ mood | okay ]

Been up 3 days straight working on mid - term

projects. Kinda hungry, very tired but my addy

and run dmc keeps me going. Feeling pretty

emotional and feel like i can crack at any


At lease that was the case. Rock Box by run dmc

just shot into my ear phone, and completely took

took the edge off. It's actually bring-ing a tear to my

eye. Jam Master Jay was a genius !!!!

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[09 Jan 2006|10:27pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I'm ready

for a another semester of classes.
I'm kinda digging all my classing this time
around. I'm taking :

  • Advanced Web Authoring Systems (advance flash action scripting)

  • E-Learning Production (advance authorware)

  • History of Photography

  • Theories of Communication

I'm really reaching the end now.
Before I know it, it's summer and
ready for finally portfolio and graduating.

How much do I rock!!!

Well finally checked out comedy central Mother Load
today. It's pretty neat except for all the ad's but whatever, that's what
kind of world we live in now with free multimedia. It give the
user ability to make video play lists. So here's one I put together
today enjoy!

My Mother load Play list

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Finally Here... [07 Jan 2006|02:15pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Better late than never. I was getting really bored with myspace and it's limited ways it can be customize, so I started searching for a new site. I always heard of live journal but never really checked it out till now. I got to say it fucking rocks!!!! There's no limits to the customizations here, and being the web geek that I am, it's has another web language I can learn. So i'll be playing with this site a lot more than I would with myspace.

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